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Can you send you Xbox 360 to repair if you open the console and voided the warranty?


I got the 3 red rings of light a few days ago but someone opened my console in the past in order to fix a disc tray problem, I think he replaced something.

Can I still send the console to microsoft to get it repaired?I hear something about microsoft strict policies that hey would deny services if you tempered with the hardware in anyway

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  1. For the red rings, they will fix it for free. Call microsoft. Might have to pay shipping and handling.

  2. yes but since you voided the warranty you gotta pay. its bout a hundred bucks, but since you pay that you get another 1 year warranty. don’t void this one

  3. If it was the man repairing the xbox u should have all the rights to get it repaired but otherwise i think it would be best just to ring up and ask

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