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Can utilizing the Swap Magic v3.6 Plus Combo lead to tracing towards your Playstation 2 console?


Greetings. A friend of mine wishes to ask a question regarding the “Swap Magic v3.6 Plus Combo” and being that he has no internet access as of right now, I am doing him the favor by posting this question on Yahoo! Answers.

My friend finds the Swap Magic v3.6 extremely fascinating since with this item, you are capable of playing imported games from different regions (for instance: Japanese games). However, he is skeptical if any negative outcomes will arise. His question follows:

”Will using the Swap Magic v3.6 lead to severe consequences involving my Playstation 2 being traced?”

He believes that using a modchip is illegal and he does not view it as a trustworthy item. However, he is uncertain if the Swap Magic v3.6 is an illegal or legal item. An answer towards his inquiry will be greatly appreciated by him since he is unable to find a source which indicates if the Swap Magic v3.6 is a traceable item or not (in addition, if it’s legal/illegal).

Thank you for your patience.



P.S. An additional question that my friend would like to includes this:

“Certain Playstation 2 games contain the option for a person to play online with another person. So let’s say I have an imported game that has this option and in order for me to play this game, I must use the Swap Magic v3.6… is it likely that Sony can detect me using the Swap Magic v3.6 since I am connecting via internet?”

He finds this question significant to ask since he wishes not to face any drastic measures. Again, thank you very much for your patience.

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  1. Tell your *friend* that according to a wikipedia page I read, Swap Magic in fact is deemed ” legal” in the United States here is the link:

    [url is not allowed]

    I think your friend should be fine as MANY people use swap magic and do not get into trouble.

    If you go online I also think you will be able to connect perfectly fine. The worst that will happen is you not being able to connect at all.

    For example let’s just use Microsoft for an example. When they detect some one has a modded console they do not just go and hunt them down, the worst they do is to block their console from playing online.

    Now swap magic is legal and if your using the legal disc as well ( not burnt/copied) it is supposed to connect online perfectly fine.

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