Home Playstation Forum Can someone please help me?. Ps3 Game Question?

Can someone please help me?. Ps3 Game Question?


Which game should i get:

Bioshock- this game looks amazing, but (i no this is pretty sad) but i get scared from it. I usually play by myself during the night.

Oblivion: though this game is old, i played it before and i loved it. Should i get this, or save up for fallout 3.

Nhl 09: i have been a nhl fan since birth. I really feel its a waste to buy nhl 10 for 70 bucks, i rather get somethin else worth it, nhl 09 is still pretty new and has recieved good reviews.

Uncharted: i played this game before, went up to chapter ten and i loved it. Only thing is, once you beat the game, its gets pretty boring, since there is no multiplayer. I rather get this game first than get uncharted 2. That way the story makes more sense and i have both games in the series.

So from the three games, which one should i get?

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  1. Get uncharted its a great game and its only $29.99 now and there also coming out with uncharted 2 in a little while which is suppose to be an amazing game as well.

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