Home Xbox Forum Can someone help me with this Xbox Live question?

Can someone help me with this Xbox Live question?


To play online can I just use a normal wireless adapter, or do I need to get the one that says Xbox on it? I don’t know because i wanna buy Xbox Live for my 360 and i need to know the answer to this question. Please send in your answers.

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  1. These other two answerers have no idea what they’re talking about.

    Yes, you need the official Microsoft wireless adapter to play online wirelessly.

    Otherwise, you need to connect an ethernet cable to your modem/router/computer from your 360.

    To sum it up for the slower folk.

    Wireless adapter = ONLY way for wireless connection.

  2. There are only 2 wireless adapter that you can use. There’s the official one from MS, and then there’s the one from Pelican, which is a lot bigger than the MS one.

  3. you can use any wireless adapter an/or ethernet cable. it does not have to be xbox brand name.

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