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Can I play an xbox digitally downloaded game on a different console?


I downloaded minecraft on my xbox(no hard copy), and I’m going to my girlfriends tomorrow to play it, but we want to play the world we have in my saved games. As long as i download my profile over xbox live will i have my same world?

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  1. You don’t actually have to have a flash drive like the other answer says. You just have to transfer the save game for the world to the cloud storage. Then, when you play Minecraft on the other console, the Xbox will sync. the cloud storage and you’ll be able to play on the world from there.

  2. You won’t have your world as it is saved on your Xbox 360, but you can use a flashdrive, move your world and profile onto it, and then you can bring it with you and plug it into her Xbox 360 and play on your world that way.

    EDIT: Just to make sure you understand this. If you’re Girlfriend does NOT have Minecraft on her Xbox (or the hard copy) then you can’t play it. BUT, you can do two different things.

    1. Bring your Xbox over to her house and have her download her profile onto your Xbox (assuming she has an online profile).


    2. When you sign into your account on her Xbox then go to the marketplace and download Minecraft. Then, as long as you’re signed in then she’ll be able to play the full version. But when you leave and you aren’t signed in then she will only be able to play the demo version.

    I hope this helped! 🙂

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