Home Xbox Forum can i get xbox live through laptop without ethernet?

can i get xbox live through laptop without ethernet?


I have xbox 360 and a laptop that connects to my main computer for internet, the laptop doesnt have an ethernet port, wuld there be anyway i could connect xbox to laptop with usb?

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  1. No you would need a transfer cable to even connect xbox to pc. To use the internet you must have ethernet cable connected into xbox.

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  2. A major component of the Xbox 360 feature set is the ability to connect to the Xbox LIVE online service. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter makes connecting to LIVE through a wireless network an easy process, and allows you to do away with your Ethernet cable connection. Note that the Xbox 360 Elite S, introduced in June of 2010, includes built-in wireless capability, and so does not require a separate adapter.

    Difficulty: Moderately Easy


    Things You’ll Need:

    Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter (unless you are using an Xbox 360 Elite S, which features built-in wireless)


    Connect your Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter. Be sure to firmly attach the device to the back of the console, using the slots located on either side of the console’s serial number. Insert the USB cable from the Wireless Network Adapter into the USB port above the Ethernet port. If an Ethernet cable is plugged in, unplug it now.


    Power on the Xbox 360 console, if it is not already on. Select “System Settings” from the “My Xbox” portion of the console menu. Choose “Network Settings,” followed by “Configure Network.” Select “Wireless Mode” from the “Basic Settings” tab. Choose the “Scan for Networks” option, and select the network you will be using from the available list. Confirm your choice, and the system will connect to the network. Enter your network’s password, if applicable.


    Press “B” to leave the configuration menu and return to “Network Settings.” Select “Test Xbox LIVE Connection,” and let the console test your wireless connection. If successful, a message will be displayed stating “Xbox LIVE is Up and Running.”


    If you have already set up an Xbox LIVE account, press the “Xbox Guide” button on the controller and select “Connect to Xbox LIVE,” to log in and access the service. If you need to create a new account, select “Join Xbox LIVE” from the options available under “My Xbox.” The console will take you through the registration process for Xbox LIVE, requiring you to enter your information, link a Windows Live email address, and choose a Gamertag online name. During the registration, you can choose to enter your payment information and purchase a Gold account if you wish, or you can wait until later. Once the registration is complete, you will have access to Xbox LIVE’s features

  3. USB was not made for network connections.

    Answer: No, you cannot connect your Xbox 360 to your laptop via USB and get a Signal.

  4. nope. not possible. get a wireless adapter they are cheap as chips now a days. you can get a wireless G adapter for 30 quids and a router for the same price.

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