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Can a ps3 work on an old tv?


I have a 24″ panasonic television from the 90’s. It doesn’t support av cables. However, I have a panasonic vcr which does support av cables. I can easily play my ps2 on the tv set through av cables in the vcr, but, I want to know if a ps3 will work on it. And will the graphics be better than ps2? There is no problem if some graphics quality will be lost. PLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSS help me quick as I am going to buy one. Thanks millions of tons in advance

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  1. yea you can do the same thing with the ps3, but you’ll need to use the standard av cables that i think do come with it. no the graphics wont be HD or next gen or whatever you want to call it. because for it to be HD you need to be using a hdtv and the proper component cables. but dont worry im sure the graphics will be fine. its not going to be like horrible like a atari or sega, or w.e

  2. Yes it will work and yes it will looks MUCH better than your PS2. But, I would upgrade the TV to and HD LCD. They can be found pretty cheap nowadays(as low as $250 for one the same size as you have now!). Stay away from the blu-ray movies if you do not upgrade your tv though. They look beautiful on HDTV’s but on older sets it is hard to tell a difference between them and a good DVD transfer.

  3. Yes, if you can run it through the AV in the VCR then yeah it will work. The graphics will be fine they just won’t be super clear like they are with a HDTV.

    PS3 rules. Welcome to the family.

  4. Yep it will work. Just set it up exactly as you have it with the PS2. The composite (Red, White, Yellow) will go from the PS3 to the VCR then you just set the TV to the input the VCR is on and set the VCR to display the video in. Then you will be playing just fine.

    Visual quality will be better than on PS2 but you will not get the full HD benefits of the PS3 because only HDMI or component cables will carry 720p/1080i or 1080p. You will only display it in standard resolution, 480i, but it should still be good.

    Good luck and have fun on your new PS3.

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