Home Playstation Forum Can A PS2 controller work on a PS3 system Console?

Can A PS2 controller work on a PS3 system Console?


Can A Play Station 2 controller work on a Play Station 3 system Console?

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  1. I’ve tried that, but it didn’t work. There isn’t a place to plug it in. I dont know about the wireless controllers though. Never had one to try it, so I don’t think those would work either.

  2. No, First of all because the connection cords are different. On a ps3 you have USB ports while on the ps2 you have something else. Second, on a ps3 controller you have a special button in the center which allows you to access the XMB while playing a game or watching a movie, etc. Third reason is the ps3 controller has a special function that is used on some games where you tilt the controller one way and it will make something move that way and the same goes for the other side. So, unfortunately you will have to buy a ps3 controller instead.

  3. Can you use a PS2 controller on a PS3? Yes, but you need an adapter: [url is not allowed].

    Will it work well? No. PS2 controllers were not meant to be used with the PS3, the reason Sony doesn’t make an adapter. All adapters are third party adapters, and because of this, PS2 controllers do not work very well. You may get some games to work (simple games, such as Marble Madness, or the like), but for the most part, the button will not work correctly.

    While the controller will work, it will not work well, and you will get frustrated by it not working well. You are better off getting a used controller, than trying to use PS2 controllers on a PS3.

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