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Buying Off Of Amazon Seller?


So i got this great deal on tiger woods 2010 for the ps3. For 4.50 including shipping. Said used in great condition. Then i get an email saying my seller has shipped my order with delivery estimate. Does that mean the seller just notified Amazon he shipped or the post office? Feel kinda skeptical and he doesn’t get back to none of my emails but 1 saying he shipped it. On amazon their is no tracking # either. Anyone got any info on that? Does the notification i get from amazon saying it shipped not guarantee it did? thanks.

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  1. Its most likely Amazon that was notified. If it was the shipping agent notified, then it would have more than likely specified that. Oh, and reputable Amazon sellers do, in fact, provide a tracking number (they do with my orders, anyway).

    People tend to not screw people on Amazon over $4.50 anyway, so I would stop bothering him and just wait for the damn game. You don’t need to act unless it never comes and there is no harm allowing two weeks to pass.

  2. I’d be skeptical, but I got ripped off on Amazon a few years ago from a seller. And because of that low of price. But if someone is gonna rip you off, they’d probably shoot for more than $4.50. So, hard to say.

  3. I’m an Amazon seller and when I sell something I have to confirm the shipping in order to get the money in my Amazon payments account, the way to do this is to enter the tracking number of the shipping label whichever the carrier is, thus not all sellers do that, however most sellers have a 2 day limit to ship once the order is placed but that depends in how long the seller has been on Amazon Marketplace.

    If there’s not tracking number then the only thing you have to do is wait, it probably will take from 3 to 5 business days to arrive.

  4. You are guaranteed the item or a refund form Amazon if it doesn’t arrive. I’d give it a week from the estimate. If it doesn’t arrive email the seller and let him/her know. If it hasn’t arrived after 2 weeks email Amazon and inform them that you did not receive the game. You can also reflect this on Seller feedback.

    Generally though most sellers are genuine and if the seller says they sent it, chances are they have

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