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Black ops 2 zombies? Help?!!?


I can turn on the power from the power house in zombies black ops 2. But what do I do after? Where do I go after turning on the power and what do I have to do?

.been trying forever and I can’t seem to figure it out. :/

Please help!! :). P.s,. I play on xbox if it makes any difference.

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  1. Well that depends on what you want to do exactly.

    The Easter egg and main acheivement for Tranzit is the Tower of Babble acheivement, just google it and you’ll find a thousand tutorials for it.

    But if you’re just interested in surviving and getting as high as you can then the first stop after turning on the power should be the Juggernog and Stamin-Up perks at the next stop. Then pick up Quick Revive from the Depot when you get back there (most people go down thinking they have time to revive a team mate), then pick up Speed Cola from the Diner. Now you need to babysit the box until youve got 2 good weapons, then you need to open the Pack-A-Punch, this is easiest to do with 2 people but you can do it with one. Where you turn the power on, drop down through the out-house and turn around, there’s a door with a green lightening symbol on it, put a turbine in front of it. If you’re playing single player you have to quickly get to the next bus stop so you bed to time this first bit just before the bus leaves. At the next stop (town) you need to blow open the safe with a grenade or the ray gun, blow open the next door and there should be a passageway leading downstairs, if there’s isn’t then you were too slow.

    Downstairs are the 3 parts and the workbench needed for constructing the Pack-A-Punch, so build it and upgrade your weapons. Now find somewhere good to hold up and rack up the levels.

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