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Backing up my PS3 Content?


Im selling my old PS3 to get the new Slim version, How do I back up the stuff I bought for the PS Store, and my settings?

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  1. Use the PS3’s backup utility to backup data to a removable storage media (such as, USB storage device, MemoryStick, SD Memory Card, or CompactFlash.

    Once you that, just transfer your files to your slim PS3!

  2. You will have to do a Backup and Restore with the Backup utility on the XMB, but that’s ok, because it is automated and easier than you think.

    Get an external drive large enough for the data, and connect it to the USB port of the PS3. The drive should be formatted as a FAT32 partition.

    Go to System Settings>Backup Utility>Backup, and choose the External Drive as the drive to back up to.

    This may take an hour or more depending on the amount of information to be backed up. (General Rule: it takes about 1 hour per 30GB of information you back up or restore)

    Once the backup is complete, set up your new PS3. Once you have the PSN account and other amenities set up, again go to the System Settings>Backup, and choose Restore.

    The information will be transferred back to the correct folders on the PS3 so you can jump in and find your files again.

    I hope this helped you.

    Good Luck & Good Gaming

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