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As slow coming.?


I went to all my local stores and not find any ps3 slim, I went to gamestop, walmart and did not find it sold out, but I spend a week and still fail

is happening?

long does it take?


I am desperate to get a ps3

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  1. What about e-bay, best buy, target, electronics boutique (there are a few left), maybe even Sears. I’m sure you won’t have to wait too long for one either way.

  2. this is classic stock running down after holiday first you probably won’t see any 120 gb ps3 slims until march. but they probably have the, not as popular 250 gb ps3 slim in stock right. cuz they cost more and the stores are tryng to sell those out! buy a new one from ebay, amazon or toys r us online.

  3. You should definetely go only and buy it from Sony , why? well youll have a warranty thats directly from them and two youll definetely find that Ps3 that your looking for think about it 😉

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