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Are there any places you can send an xbox 360 controller to get repaired?


I dropped my controller one day and my leg analog stick got messed up. It didn’t break off but acts as if its pressed forward when its not exp. scrolling through menus when not even touching stick or running around freely in call of duty while the controller is 5 feet away. I don’t wanna have to get rid of a good controller because of this imperfection but I’m wondering if there’s any way to even fix it.

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  1. there are no places to fixit that i know of, but if there is one by you i would suggest not going there, they are going to charge you probably half of what the controller would cost for the repairs, heres the easiest thing to do,

    1) take a flat hed screwdriver and snap off all of the pins in the screws of the cortroller

    2) take a torx driver and unscrew al the screws (one under the label in the battery comartment)

    3) find which part is broken and just order a new one online

    4) fix it and put it back togerther

  2. Honestly, unless you don’t have money to spare, just go buy a new one. (Only this time don’t drop it while playing Modern Warfare 2. 😉

    I’ve had this problem with my PS2 controller. I couldn’t find a place to repair it AT ALL so I gave up trying. I got a new one next day and was REALLY glad I did.

  3. if you dont want to buy it or dont have enough money dont buy one

    if you have money buy bioshock 2 and a controller from game it’s £59 that’s cheap

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