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Are (PS2) ‘greatest hists’ games same as original copies?


You know, technically? Because I’m going to buy a PS3 80gb for my younger sister for Christmas and I checked to see if it plays PS2 games and it does play all the games we have here. But one of the games we have is a greatest hits games and I cheked in the Playstation site to see if it worked in the 80gb PS3 and in the results, the game appeared but not not in the GH version. The game is FFX. As for Kingdom Hearts, both GH and original versions appeared when I looked them up, but FFX only appeared the original, so I guess that it doesn’t play FFX’s GH version? We have the original here too, but it is freezes in some scenes (maybe is because our old PS2 was already dying when we played it that time? [ we have played that game a lot of times! ]) Our PS2 died completely a few months ago, so we have to buy a new console.

Thank you gamers!

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  1. The GH version are the exact same disc nothing changes but the red strip on the disc instead of a black one.

  2. First off are you getting the right 80GB PS3? The ORIGINAL one, with the 4 USB ports? Otherwise it won’t play PS2 games. Second though yes in 99.9% of games the Greatest Hits version is the exact same as the original game, just a repressing and new packaging. The rare exception is things like Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas where the original version was pulled and a new version was put out, and the Greatest Hits was the same as that second version.

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