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Anyone want to add me on PS3?


Hi I have just got a ps3 a couple months ago and I just got minecraft and GTA5 and I want to play online but apparently you have to add people because it doesn’t allow open servers? I am 14 and a girl AND American haha so leave answers with your things for me to add you or you add me @cooliestswagger (it’s sarcastic)

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  1. Im not going to add you because i am an old man, but i do play gta5 online about 4 hours everyday so i am going to give you some tips because making friends as a 14 year old girl is going to be tough with a bunch of angry older teenage dudes wanting to spawn kill you over and over to see your reaction. sooooo the best way to make friends is to join the Rockstar Social Club and find a crew that you can fit into, that way you have people that will play with you and fend off some of the tank/passive mode trolls

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