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Anyone know where I can find the best and cheapest xbox mod chips for sale?


Been trying to mod my xbox but so far only softmodded it. Everyones telling me though that installing a mod chip is the best way to go in order for me to have complete control over my xbox so i can change the wallpapers, add music to my desktop, put xbox, snes, nes, etc. roms and emulators, etc. Anyone know if modding chip is best, if not how I can soft mod it to get that control over it, and/or any more info on modding a Xbox. Also, this isnt a 360. It’s the regular one. Thank you

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  1. I actually have a regular xbox I was going to sell premodded, but ebay has rules against it, even if its a legal mod. Its true a hard modded (chipped) xbox is the best modded xbox BUT there are downsides as well. A chipped xbox can sometimes switch the active BIOS, this is handy if you have a live account and don’t want to be banned faster then you can blink an eye. A mod chips also afford you control over system functions such as cooling fan speed and temperature management. The unfortunate downside is that a modded xbox is a tad more unstable then an unmodded one and installation varies in terms of difficulty depending on the year that your particular xbox was made. In most installation guides there is 2 basic install methods, the 1.0-1.5 method and the dreaded 1.6 method, the reason I say dreaded is because the 1.6 requires FAR more soldering and the soldering required is precise and affords for little to no mistakes. The cheapest chip out there are the alladins and they can be had for less then 30$ but these only offer one BIOS bank and they are the hardest to install. The best out there is the xecutor 3CE (the one I have) this has 8 independant BIOS banks. On a chip that has only 1 bank, you need to install an aftermarket BIOS, you only get one chance at this and if you scew it up in any way you have a 30$ paperweight.

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