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Age limits on Xbox DLCs?


Okay so I want to buy the new Modern Warfare 3 DLC when it comes out for Xbox Live. But my Xbox Live account has my age registered as 15 years old. I do have my privacy settings set on adult though. Will I be able to purchase the the DLC? If not is there a workaround?

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  1. Yeah course there is m8, all you gotta do is make a new acc (free) and put it over 18. Then download the dlc onto the same storage device as both your accounts. Now the dlc is availible for the whole xbox, simple 🙂

  2. if you have all adult settings you should be in the clear, if not itl will ask for permission from the linked parent account. as for workarounds xbox live is real tight, no known workarounds

  3. No you won’t and there’s no workaround besides making a new account and setting the age to at least 18.

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