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Advice on browsing with a Sony PS3?


I’m thinking about buying a PS3 as a media centre. Has anyone else done this? As well as gaming and blu ray capabilities I want to be able to surf the net and stream videos and music etc. Also, anyone tried using Linux on the PS3? Is it any good?

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  1. Yes, the PS3 is the ultimate media center and is perfect for your needs.

    Linux isn’t really practical for a lot of PS3 users. I wouldn’t do it.

  2. The advantage of the system is the fact that you can actually copy those streams to the PlayStation’s hard drive. So no lag issues or movies pausing. You can keep about 300 movies on a 120gb system with space leftover for music and game saves too. The internet browser is really slow and cumbersome, I personally don’t use it. Linux / apps like yellowdog, i’ve yet to experiment. I’m very impressed with this system, so much more useful than than my xbox360.

  3. Blu ray superb, internet browsing you might as well use Firefox, IE, Chrome or Opera on your home pc. If something new comes out, there is usually a ‘server overload’ which means hardly anyone can use it (playstation home)

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