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where do you think i could buy the cheapest but brand new PS3 40GB?

.and does the PS3 work in a regular TV or does it only work on HD TVs?

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  1. Most places price competitively so any where respectable, yes it does work with normal TV’s but I wouldn’t recomend any TV smaller than 19″ as it becomes to difficult to see what your doing.

  2. go to walmart if you are from North America you’re sure to save a few cents also yes it works with regular NON-HD TV’s and all the cables you need will be right in the box.

  3. Your best luck would probably be Wal-Mart. And yes, the PS3 does work on regular Standard TVs. Majority of people who have the PS3 have HDTVs and thats because if you have HDTV, everything will look the best it can be. If you have a regular Standard TV, everything will still look great but it wont be the best. So dont worry. Just use your Standard TV because like I said, it will still look great, but just not the best.

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