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2 Gamer Profiles 1 Console Xbox 360?


i Have a xbox 360 ie downloaded games on one luve profile. i am wondering if i can use a different profile and play the downloaded games on that profile. they are on the same console, hdd everything

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  1. You can as long as the second profile is on the same 360 that the first profile was on when you bought the content.

  2. Every DLC that you download comes with 2 licenses. One is linked to the Gamertag that was used to purchase the content, and the other license is linked to the Xbox used to download the content. Now you really only need 1 license to play your DLC. So yes you can use another Gamertag to play that download content as long as its on that xbox that you used to download it. Now if you use a different xbox 360 to play your DLC you will have to use that Gamertag that was used when paying for the content and it will let you re download anything you have ever paid for with that name for free. But you will have to use that one gamertag every time unless you re download the license that was previously linked to your other box. You can go to xbox.com and they have a link for transferring licenses to a new xbox but there is a limit on how many times you can do that in one year.

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