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Xbox live gold membership?


I went and bought a 3 month live gold membership. When I try and watch movies on the xbox it say’s I have to rent it for microsoft points. I thought you didn’t need points if you had a gold card. How can I watch these movies without paying for points? Please help.

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  1. Unfortunately movies is completely different Netflix,Sky,Love Film and Zune are nothing to do with Microsoft their just using Microsoft to advertise their own Business

  2. xbox live membership only allows you to play games online it still makes you pay tot rent movies, buy music, or games, and game add ons like map packs and expansions

  3. As the previous person said, you don’t get free movies with a gold membership. But, you can watch Netflix and Hulu, IF you have memberships with them. Like I subscribe to Netflix streaming only service, and watch it on my Xbox 360. Same with Hulu Plus.

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