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Xbox live connection issues?


I’m at my wits end with Xbox live! For 2 years it worked fine, no problems what so ever! Ever since the update back in may, i’ve had no end of problems!! Trouble is it’s not one specific problem, i’ve had the ICMP Error message, the DNS server error message, the NAT type being to strict error message and the MTU error message, the latter making no sense what-so-ever because my MTU is more than sufficient! On the rare occasions it does work, i’m getting no end of lag, ironically only on games, dashboard and download work fine!!

I’ve opened up all the ports on my belkin that i need to(88,53,3074 etc) to make it work but it’s still being a pain!!

Any suggestions really are appreciated!

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  1. It sounds like you actually know what you’re doing (a rare thing for people asking questions on here). Sorry man, but other than opening port “80” as well (it’s one of those “sometimes helps with xbl” ports) and having a wired connection rather than wireless, I don’t know what else to suggest.

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