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XBOX 360 stand up or lying down?


I have had my xbox 360 for 4 months and have had it lying down, but im trying to make some room. Is it ok to have it standing up now, or will that cause any problems?. Which is better?.

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  1. Laying down is MUCH better for the 360, on account of the cooling mechanisms not having to fight standing up. Also there’s less risk of damage to the disk tray (which has been shown to break sooner while standing up).

  2. its ok to have yours standing up.but a few notes.

    1. it looks nicer

    2. more room

    3.looks nice

    the bad part

    1. a little tap or noise like a bass from a sub can scratch the cd.

    2. i’m not too sure about this one but i always had my up and now i’m on my 3ed 360 because it saids unplayable disk, after every 8 months. i just sent my in and now i’m still waiting for my 360 to come back now and i will never stand it up again. i think it might from my little cousin runing around stomping on the floor (those little taps or bumps i said before) and music being on could of wreak the lens. (Microsoft is the one that told me about the taps and bumps scratching the disk.

    3. it’s easier to knock down, and if you move it well its playing a disk it will put a perfect circle scratch on the disk.

    It’s best to have it lying down.

  3. Well both are fine seeming they made it to go both ways, but i wouldnt suggest standing it up if u can knock it over, this will defiantly scratch te disk (from past experiance).

    So make sure its supported by something

    Also dont move it when its turned on, my friend did it and its just as bad as knocking it over!

  4. i have heard that standing it up actually keeps the console cooler, this would make sense considering there are vents on the bottom when you lay it down. i have also heard that the disc tray wears out easier when you stand it up too, so it has some pros and cons

  5. laying it down actually makes it cooler. i’d link the page that proved it, but i’m too lazy and can’t find it after two google searches. They had aimed a thermometer at it and it was actually cooler laying flat and everything, so real science!

    if you want to be a little more cautious, you can get a cookie cooling rack and elevate it a few more inches, helps air circulation

  6. Both ways are fine and it is really up to personal preference, if you do have it upright then yes you save a bit of space but if it gets knocked over while the DVD drive is running then you can pretty much kiss good bye to the disk in it. It will very likely scratch it to hell. This is the main reason I have mine laying flat with 4 kids running round my house the risk of the 360 getting knocked over is higher.

    If you are going to stand it up for gods sake make sure the machine isn’t running

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