Home Playstation Forum xbox 360 question for rrod while is flahed?

xbox 360 question for rrod while is flahed?


I got the rrod< called ms to get it fixed send me a box to send it to them , but worried since it's modded (flashed) do they find out that my 360 is modded after or before the fix? the seal is still intact usually they look for that so they know is still in warranty. should i send it or not any comments.

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  1. First, you should have asked this in the XBOX 360 Forum (this is the ps3 forum), you would have received A LOT more answers.

    Second, if your console if modded (MS is really strict, they won’t even let you use an intercooler), microsoft will repair it, but they are going to charge you a service fee (like $100).

    They are going to find out your console was modded, because, um, they are going to be looking at the board directly (they do a little more thorough inspection than just looking to see if the seal is still intact).

    Personally, I would just call MS and ask them, you don’t want to send it off, just to find out you are going to get charged an ungodly amount of money for repairs. Worst case scenario you can still sell your 360 on ebay for parts (or use it yourself for parts).

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