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Xbox 360 question?


My Xbox 360 just started freezing today and I get the three red lights. Also the disc tray is stuck shut needs to be pryed open evertime I go to play. I got the warrenty when I bought it and had to sign my name on some list. I lost my recipt though, can I still return it? I bought it at an EB games store in Witchita Kansas, so could I return it to another EB games or Gamestop store with out the recipt?

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  1. When did you get your Xbox 360? If you’ve had it for a while, definitely call Microsoft. You probably got one of the first ones, that clearly had defects. It’ll take a while for them to repair it (or replace it) but not only will you get a new one with no defects, you’ll also get it for free. That’s what I did!

  2. If you’ve had the 360 for less than a year, you can send it back to MS to get it fixed or a replacement, which depends on what MS decides to do.

    If you want to return it to EB, I would suggest you return it to the store that you get it from because it should have your warranty in its database, so the cashier can look it up and confirm that you did indeed buy the extended warranty.

    EB and GS are the same store, but I don’t know if all the stores have access to each store’s info, so probably better to play it safe and bring it back to the store that you got the 360.

  3. thats happened 2 me 3 times n i get new xboxs but its a pain in the *.its probally a hard drive problem cuz i had 2 get a whole new hard drive

  4. well there could be possible problems with the system to stop it from overheating. you just need to buy a fan and then you need to put it in a well venalated place or in the open but if alll else fails u can return it witout the recipt if u have ur warrenty info

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