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Xbox 360 mic help anyone?


I need a new mic. The one i have now is wired and i have to wiggle it around until the freaking thing actually decides to register my voice, then i have to duct tape it to that spot so the wire wont move and have the mic shut out my voice. I bought another mic and it does the same thing. Its a different brand and what not and ive tried everything from switching controllers to switching batteries to switching the back of my controller and switching mics, i mean like everything. Still the same problem persists in which i have to duct tape the wire to my controller in certain locations for it to work for a few hours, then it decides not to work and i have to play the antenna game with my mic AGAIN until i find the sweet spot. And now im sick of it. Im going out to buy a new mic and i need help choosing. Im guessing i need a wireless mic because all of the forums i read about the problem im having said if i buy a new wireless mic it should work. And at this point, ill try anything. So heres my second problem. What mic should i buy!? I need a very specific mic. And im going out in a few hours to choose so heres what i need in a very specific order of importance: 1: I need a mic that is wireless. 2: i need a mic that has long battery life. 3: i need a mic that is easily transported from house to house. And 4: i need a mic that wont hurt my ears and is comfortable. In all honesty comfort should probably be more important the amount of time i play but if i have to give one to have another, i will. So any help with either what the hell is wrong with my wired mic would help a ton. Or even more so; what mic should i buy in a few hours would help even more! Thank you for reading all of this, im just getting really irritated.

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