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xbox 360 live connection help?


ok! so got a 360 for christmas and i got the pro pack with the silver live but when i plug my enthernet cable straight into my motorola sb5101 modem it reconizes the connection but wont find my ip address and 1 more thing do you sign up to silver with a card or is it automatically on the console/harddrive wat ever plz help me

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  1. You will have to configure your xbox 360’s network settings and sign-up on to the Xbox LIVE membership with your card. The silver card should have the instructions on how to sign-up – Pls. read it as well as the manual for your xbox 360.

  2. I think you get silver for a month or something. gold will be $7.95/mo. for continued gaming.

    Your modem might have a PPPoE connection that requires a username and password from whatever you have connected to it. Do you provide this from a computer when it is connected? If so, you can connect it back to the computer, log into the modem, and tell it that you have a PPPoE connection and give it the user name and password that you enter in the computer to connect.

    If the problem is as i describe, then you actually will have an IP address but no default gateway (i.e. internet) and usually a differing subnet mask

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