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Xbox 360 Disc unrecognizable?


Just sold my COD black ops 2 game on eBay. The disc is in flawless condition. No scratches or marks anywhere on the bottom of the disc. The guy I sold it to is having trouble with it though. He said it keeps giving him “disc is unrecognizable” error. It worked perfect on my xbox before I sold it, so I really don’t think it’s the disc. What could be causing this issue?

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  1. Disc unrecognisable occurs for one of several reasons.

    A) a scratched disk.

    B) overheating console

    C) randomly happens anyway, restart console try again

    D) Dust on the lens of the optical drive

    E) Other optical drive failure.

    I’m guessing the guy tried C. B is highly unlikely (I have only seen it happen once). A you claim is out of the window. So I think he has a broken xbox effectively, or he is pulling your leg as part of a scam.

    Oh, it also happens for region locked titles in which case its his fault for not checking the region before purchase, although usually it gives an actual region lock error.

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