Home Playstation Forum Why do people say that the playstation network is so bad?

Why do people say that the playstation network is so bad?


The playstation network is pretty good for a free service well worth not paying 50 dollars.Is it that the people paying for xbox live are delusional. That paying for a service, automatically makes the free service suck? I have both consoles and I’m tired of paying 50 dollars for a service that isn’t all that better than the free one. I’m gonna sell the xbox and buy more games for the ps3 now. I use to be a xbox fanboy, but now i see that 50 dollars i could of spent for xbox live, I could of spent it on buying an extra game each year. PS3 is truely the least expensive console between both!

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  1. dude

    your last sentence says it all

    “PS3 is truely the least expensive console between both!

    Additional Details”

    the thing is that

    its xbox 360 fanboys

    the reason why they want to get back at ps3, is simple because ps3, is better than xbox 360

    here are some facts

    360, u gota pay if u wanna play online on games, but with a silver memebershit card, you can only chat with your friend, but only chat, you cant go online on the games

    ps3, its all totally free, chat, game, everything,!!

    360 you gota connect to the internet with a cable, but u can by wierless, but then again, you gota buy the wireless addaptor, and so, that costs 60 quid

    ps3, can connect with no errors. people who say its bad are lyeing, ive had no problems, enither have any of my friends

    360 u need batteries for the controllers

    ps3 you can charge

    360 is just a dvd cd

    ps3 has blue ray, and has MGS4

    and alot more stuff!

  2. Well go and tell those xbox fan boy to shut their mouth!

    Ps3 much better then xbox 360!

    And there about the same online.

    Trust me I know.

    So people who read this I would not recomend you to xboc 360!

    Maybe sometimes like once in 2 days you get 1 internet connection if you use wireless.

    You wouldn’t lose connection if you use cable internet.

    You can go on the internet and download themes and everything it is really good because I just downloaded some ps3 themes today!

    It totaly rocks and you can download demo aswell on ps3 all FREE.

    Xbox company really bad they too greedy for money!

    And XBOX 360 is rubbish aint you heard of the rings of death?

    Here I give you the link.

    [url is not allowed]

    That was a brand new xbox and it already had it!


  4. 1. Because they havent played it, so they hear rummours like “no video chat” and immediately take them as fact.

    2. It used to not have Trophies or In Game XMB and not everyone knows it does now.

    3. Its an excuse for fanboys.

    4. It hasnt been out as long so there isnt AS MUCH on the Stor but there is still LOADS.

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