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Which should i buy beats pro or the playstation 3d display?


i purchased some fake beats by dre pro headphones a while back ago and they broke. and because they are fake and i can’t contact monster and get them to fix them or get a new pair.ever since i have been saving up to buy authentic beats for £349.99. But while i was saving my tv in my bedroom broke and i currently have no tv in my room atm. which means if i want to play on my ps3 i have to take it downstairs and connect it to our family tv. But this causes problems because this is the only tv in the house atm and my brother and sister always want to watch their programs. So i was shopping around and came across the ps3 3d display which cost £409.99. I’m in a dilemma cos i really want authentic beats by dre but at the same time i need want the ps3 3d display. which should i buy first? i currently have £270 from saving up. i get £15 every week. so which should i buy first beats or tv?

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  1. Buy a TV first. It doesn’t have to be the 3D Display, but something decent.

    You can always buy cheap beats off of craigslist, just make sure the person has the receipt to prove it.

  2. buy a cheep TV and treat yourself a pair of beats i got 5 beats sound on the beats are so good

  3. Hi Shakeel. I would get a TV if I were you. Check for 3D TVs on websites and you can find something for around $350~500. I just made a search and came up with a LG LW450U which comes in 47, 42 inches. Prices for 42” range from £419~460. [url is not allowed]. You can also see its 47” model for £500. But you can either wait little bit more so that you can afford better TV after some time or you can make a search like I did now. I just trust LG TVs as I have used one before. They deliver high quality picture both in 2D and 3D.

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