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Which 360’s Have Hard Drive?


i want to be able to play regular xbox games on it and i no not all xbox games can play on it. but i saw some where that some xbox’s dont have hard drive so you cant play regular xbox games? which ones have hard drive and which dont?

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  1. the hard drive has everything to do with playing old xbox games the kid that says it doesent doesent know what hes talking about. The elite and premium have hard drives I suggest the elite because xbox has solved more of its problems on 360’s with the elite

  2. Hard drives have nothing too do with playing regular x box games on ur 360. Hd are just for storeing demos, games,music,videos!

    So yea!

    Get the 120 gb hd if u want alot of songs and vids and such.

    But 20 gigs enough for average person!

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