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What’s up with Xbox game textures?


So I’m experiencing some strange texture problems when I play my Xbox games. There is a very subtle, but noticeable change in my textures. The edges of the graphics are more pixelated, and it’s making all my new games, that have awesome graphics, look like old ps2 games.

The strange part is, it can’t be my Xbox or my tv, or even my games for that matter. Because I’ve tried other tvs and other Xbox consoles and they all do the same thing.

I KNOW there is a difference, my friends see it too. But we have no idea what is responsible for the sudden change.

Is xbox live acting up?

Has anyone else noticed a downgrade in textures?

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  1. It’s called render distance, to make graphics fast and good at the same time, programmers make their games have worse graphics in the less “payed attention to” parts of games.

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