Home Playstation Forum What are the differences between Sony’s PS1, PS2, and PS3 controllers?

What are the differences between Sony’s PS1, PS2, and PS3 controllers?


Sony has made analog dual-shock controllers for all of their Playststion models. The different generations of controllers all look the same, so I’m curious, what are the differences (if any) between them?
The PS1 controller does indeed have analog sticks – The newer ones, anyway, which came out many years ago.

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  1. the PS1 and PS2 are basically the same. however the PS3 controllers have SIXAXIS which is a sort of motion sensor similar to the Wii, it’s also wireless. the original PS3 controllers dont have rumble like the PS1 or PS2, the newer ones do have it though. PS3 controllers also have to be recharged by hooking them up to the PS3 itself with a USB cable. and the last thing is that PS3 controllers have the Playstation button in the center.

  2. PS1 Controller – DualShock

    PS2 Controller – DualShock 2

    PS3 Controller – Wireless, Sixaxis (motion control) & DualShock 3

    Not really any major differences.

    You can find out more detail about the DualShocks here:

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  3. The PS1 controller doesn’t have any analog stick, the PS2 controller does have analog sticks and it has vibration, the PS3 ccontroller is wireless and rechargable and has vibration!

  4. ps1 and ps2 were pretty much the same but ps3 design has a few changes and they added six-axis motion controls

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