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two questions about the ps3?


1. i have a 40gig. would it be worth it to take it back and get an 80gig?

2. are the 3rd party controllers any good?

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  1. 40GB gets used up very quikly, I have a 60GB and I had to upgrade it to a much bigger hard drive.

    Also, the 40GB is quite old now, so it wouldn’t do any harm to trade it in for a newer 80GB, or a slim, or, you can just get a 2.5 Sata hard drive, 5400rpm (higher rpm like 7200rpm can cause your PS3 to overheat and overwork it’s self) and just change them over. It only takes 5 mins, but be very careful with the silver screws, they strip really really easily, I’d use a small narrow ended pliers to gently loosen them before you unscrew them:)

    Third party controllers are horrible, the best one that I’ve heard of is the Logitech one, but honestly, it’s worth paying the extra for the proper Sony ones:) Do not buy anything made by Madcatz, lol

  2. 1. Not unless you’re planning to put a LOT of movies and music on it.

    2. No. They work alright for a while, but eventually will stop working. Buy the Playstation ones, they may cost more, but will last longer.

  3. 1. Nope you can easily upgrade your harddrive – mine is 500gb – check out play.com for ps3 harddrive. (This much space is not needed for most people.)

    2. Sony controllers are much better – dual shock 3s

  4. 1. If you really want more space just upgrade the hard drive. It’s a laptop 2.5″ 5400rpm hard drive. I upgaraded my 40gb to a 500gb with no problem. Now I have all the space I need to download and play as many games as I want.

    2. Couldn’t tell you. I just use the controller that the system came with and it works great.

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