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toshiba 32 inch model c110u1 help with ps3?


I had my ps3 hooked up to an old Panasonic tv and the graphics were great ,but the tv broke so I switched to the Toshiba.When i did I noticed the graphics on the ps3 looked terrible with my av cables so I bought a hdmi cable.It fixed the graphics some ,but there is still jagged edges around objects in games(espicially gta5 when you are zoomed in on the characters clothing like his glasses the lines around it are not smooth).I called Sony and they said that I shouldn’t change any of the settings on the ps3(the tv resolution is 720p by the way).They said I need to change the settings on the tv instead.So if anybody has this tv and a ps3 can you please tell me what tv settings and ps3 settings you have. P.S. my hdmi card is capable of output of 720p 1080i and 1080p.

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  1. the game gta5 is not a graphics powerhouse so its going to have some issues that would be noticed on an hdtv , watchdogs graphics are much better than gta5 so will look better

    assuming you have a decent TV ( and not all HDTVs are great for gaming ) you’ll be fine with watchdogs graphics

    turn rgb to full and enable super white , this will give more vibrant colors and make the whites and blacks sharper and clearer

    if you want to know what a good HDTV is vs a bad one what makes the difference are the htz , , contrast ratio and response time

    higher htz ( 240 or higher ) is better as it can process the data quicker and will not give motion blur like slower TVs do , 60htz is not suitable for gaming at all and will give some pixelization

    contrast ratio is also better if its higher , a tv with 1 million to one or higher contrast ratio is best for gaming

    respone time makes a difference in input lag ans fast is best

  2. I am assuming this Toshiba is a new flat screen tv. if you have the resolution maxed out on both the television and the game console then likely the problem is that the graphics for the game are simply too old to look good on the newer television. That would not have been an issue on the old television but on the new ones even with all the best hardware your picture will only be as good as the graphics in the game itself. If it’s an older game then chances are, that is your problem, sorry.

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