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so i was playing black ops 2 this morning and i got a info thing and it said stats have been reset?


so i did some looking up and i did not get it as bad as some people i just lost a gold shotgun and i all most had a other shotgun in gold and now i have no camo for that gun and in combat record my weapons,equipment,and scoresreaks are messed up like my top weapon is fhj-18-aa thats a rocktloncher for air planes only and it says i have 2147483648 kills and its like this now most every thing 1, HAVE I BEEN HACKED OR BOOTED 2.CAN I FIX IT 3 I DO NOT HACK OR BOOST JUST FYI

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  1. I’d way you probably did get hacked or played in a hacked lobby and just for being in the lobby with the hackers the developers reset your stats. call of duty games in general are all hacked and not safe at all to play , and for the most part the mods do nothing and the developers don’t seem to want to stop it because they could very easily stop it forever ( just by resetting all stats to zero to make it fair for all and updating the games so the saves are locked and can’t be hacked anymore )

    there is not anything you can do , maybe you can send a complaint and report it and cross your fingers they’ll fix your stats but it’s a long shot _ I’d file a report anyway just because it’s the only chance you have to get any help and get it reset properly but I would not hold my breath that they’d do anything other than look into it

    go to callofduty.com and look for the section to report it , file a report with as much info as you can ( time of the day it happened , date , your psn ID , any names of other players in the same lobby , the map you were playing on , game mode etc. so they can ( maybe ) find the actual match and see if they can find proof you were hacked and reset to zero ) and if it were me I’d delete the game save for that game and the game data in case the hacks are on your console now in those files and reinstall the game – update it again and download any dlc again then start over.

    if you get into a lobby that looks fishy or see in a match a lot of hackers back out because that’s how they get you.

  2. There is a ’10th Prestige’ glitch in the Ps3 system where you can copy someones profile to your and make you the same level with everything they have. Or you can hack to the level and get all gold guns ext. Activison is doing this to a bunch of people. If you did no hacking or glitching I suggest you call the Activision Customer Support line and explain to them your problem. The number I have provided is the Activision Support Number: 310-255-2050 Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm PST

    -Trevor, I Hope I Could Help!(:

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