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psn age question?//?


ok i just bought a ps3 and i want to make a psn account but im 16 if i put my real age can i still play M rated games?

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  1. Yes. First of all, the idiots who posted don’t know anything. It won’t disable your ability to play online at all.

    Second, the PSN account is associated with online play. You can play the campaign mode of a certain game without online interferance, but I’m just saying that, YOU can still play online.

    Think about this: If Sony placed a block on all people who were younger than 17 on rated M games, how would that effect their company? Really, if that happned, Sony would be doing MUCH worse than it is now.

    So after all. YES. You can still play rated M games.


    I don’t even know what the idiot “Corey” is trying to say. If you buy a rated M game, no matter what age you are, you have to have valid ID. It’s a policy. And also, you have to be 17 to be able to purchase rated M games retard. Not 18.

    And you don’t buy games for PSN. You buy them for your PS3, and then the games have online capabilities (varies).

  2. You should be able too because is your buying a game from the psn you need a credit card it worked for me but the policy might have changed with the psn gift cards:(( just say your 18 its no biggie 🙂 and if people ask online just tell them your 16. good luck

  3. it won’t let you. it’ll even disable online for you!!

    set your year to 1990 and you’ll be ok.

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