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PS4; Call of Duty Ghosts question?


So I got a PS4 the other night, and I still have yet to get Ghosts for it but I made a new account not linking to my PS3 one because I wanted to start brand new since I’m maxed prestige on there already. Can I transfer my season pass and stuff from my PS3 account to my new one? I really hate to lose all my stuff. So please let me know if I can! Thank you

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  1. Sorry about that low life that answered your question before me.

    The only way to get your season pass from your ps3 is to link your same account on ps4. So it has to be the same PSN ID on both consoles for you to be able to get your season pass unfortunately.

    Yes there still gamers out their that actually help out others instead of ramming their opinions down everybodies throats. We are just very few and far between in this age of gaming!

  2. Haha no but I'm sorry

    The reason why is cause you wasted money on that piece of trash games

    That game belongs in the trash and that is a fact

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