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PS3 won’t start up.help!?


My PS3 took a fall and now it wont start. I turn it on like normal, it beeps like normal and begins to boot up, then beeps three times and shuts down with a red light. I already called Sony and they can’t do anything. I was thinking it was either the hard drive, or the power supply that is broke since thats where the impact was. Can anyone help diagnose the problem so I can begin rebuilding it. I am having massive Warhawk withdraws.

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  1. if it goes green and flashes red 3 times, its overheating.

    if it goes green to yellow and then red 3 times, its the yellow light of death, AKA hardware failure.

    if its the YLOD, then u gotta send it in for repairs.

  2. Was it on and running when it fell? If yes it sounds like it could be the hard drive. If a hard drive is jarred or jolted when it is spinning, the heads will crash. Have you tried resetting it? When it goes into standby, hold down the power button for about 10 seconds until you hear 2 or 3 beeps. If this does not work You can probably find a hard drive on eBay or amazon. You can access them thru my site. If you are good with working on electronics then you can replace it yourself if not, you can take it to a video game store and they will repair it for a reasonable fee. Most all game shops have a repair center. Good luck and maybe you can be playing Warhawk again soon!!

  3. I’m guessing your harddrive got shook around to much, i’ve never had that problem because mine sits in the entertainment center but try to hold the reset button a few times and unplug the cord maybe it just surged or somthing. All I can say, if no luck i’d call Sony

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