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Ps3 or should I wait for the ps4?


Ok so should I get a ps3 or wait til ps4? I wana try something new but I hear ps3 is really laggs for RPGs such as SKYRIM and fallout. Or should I wait for the ps4 wich I read saw and heard graphics were guna be tons better I just don’t know my dad is for sure buying the new Xbox for himself but will ps4 be less laggs and still have free online?

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  1. Playstation 3 is not laggy. I wouldn’t wait for the PS4, as there hasn’t actually been an official release date nor has there been direct evidence that one is coming out. In fact, it’s more likely to be a rumour as MICROSOFT are releasing the XBOX 720 and some Sony fan-boy probably made it up and its now gone viral. Unless you have direct evidence that it is coming out I wouldn’t wait

  2. You have no idea what you’re talking about, no one knows anything about the ps4 because it doesn’t exist yet, wait tell feb. 20th and maybe hear something about it, but as of now no one knows.

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