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my roomate sold my Playstation 3 controllers without my permission was my revenge to little or too much?


last week i got a AWFUL habit of leaving the cable on my playstation controller when its done charging and i stop playing and leaving it on my controller rack thats nailed to the wall across the room with the charging cable plugged in (i have one of those extra long recharge cables) so the wire was stretching across the room and my roomate (and sorta friend) kept tripping over the cable and last week i nearly wet myself laughing when he tripped over it and the flatscreen TV fell on top of him big mistake. luckily the TV didnt break but my roomate got sick of it and yesterday he sold both of my controllers and just cause 2,GTA IV, Call of duty modern warfare 1, IL2 sturmovik birds of prey and a METALLICA CD and he bought himself a few xbox 360 games i was pissed so when he wasnt looking i put laxatives in his milk and when he went to the toilet 5 minutes later i bursted in and threw one of his xbox games and the xbox battery at him just before he even pulled his pants down and he shat all over the place i was in stitches laughing when his stool started coming out his legs and onto his game now he is having to use the bathroom alot and i cant shower because he might have to go #2 while i am in the shower was this too little or too much

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  1. Nope, I would have waited till he was asleep, then tied him to the bed then go back to sleep and I would make sure he was late then untie him and do what you did

  2. lmfao, nah u didnt got too far, prob would have if u took pix r vid n utube it or something, lol

    dude, dat was funny, hahaha, wow, poor roommate, know not to F with ppls shyt.

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