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My Old PS2 is making buzzing noises, wont read and scratches my CDs?


Well this problem has started some years ago.

It made buzzing noises whenever I put a CD in.

It also would NOT read the CDs and would scratch them.

The PS2 does not work right now, it wont read discs and scratches them. Picture of one scratched CD can be found below.

Now I do NOT want to get a new one, I dont have money for one right now.

Also I took it apart and looked at the CD drive and I cleaned it, loosened it and it worked for a while but that waas only a temporary fix.

Heres a picture of the PS2

[url is not allowed]

and heres a picture of a scratched CD.

If you look closely you can see scratches that follow the circular shape of the CD.

[url is not allowed]

Help would be appreciated, thanks.

Oh and btw I am absolutely positive this scratches are from the playstation, thanks.

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  1. Theres probably something wrong with your CD drive or the Mod Chip (Reads the CD’s). There also maybe something sharp in the drive which is causing the disk problem. The buzzing noise is probably caused by that also. What I suggest is you take your PS2 to gamestop or any other gamestore and ask them to help you. DO NOT touch the mod chip at all. If you do, this will cause your PS2 to not be able to read the disk. I touched it once, and now it only plays black and white.

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