Home Xbox Forum Is This Price To Hgih for A Xbox 360 Bundle?

Is This Price To Hgih for A Xbox 360 Bundle?


Im FINALLY Getting a Xbox Elite

Is This Package Worth It?

Elite Console

2 Controllers

Play and Charge Kit

Xbox Gold Live 12 Month

Gears Of War

Dead Rising

Crackdown (+ Halo 3 BETA)

Tony Hawks American Wasteland

all for 745 Dollars
Everything is BRAND NEW

and i dont live in the States

I live In Aruba.

Over here the elite isnt Available.

and if i get the PREMIUM plus everything else it would be round 900-1100 DOLLARS

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  1. For that you can get a PS3 with everything above except the games for a lot cheaper. Plus you get a more powerful console. I’d say that price is pretty high.


  2. yeah if u cant get it there and it offered that cheap yeah but i would check wiht the seller and everything about them b4 you buy it

    oh yeah and in the states there is a price drop coming sometime this month or so i heard

  3. Definetly get this bundle. Xbox 360 elite has a bigger HDD to solve space issues some current 360 owners have. It comes with a 120 GB hard drive and with less bugs. Plus the Games in the bundle are some of the best. But i would wait till the end of the year for a price drop.

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