Home Xbox Forum Is there someone watching you 24/7 on Xbox one Kinect?

Is there someone watching you 24/7 on Xbox one Kinect?



  1. No, no one is watching you. The Kinect is always on though. If someone was watching you, Microsoft would be in some legal trouble.

  2. No. think of your smart phone,computer etc. dont worry, you can fap. And just unplug it when you arent on the xbox one.

  3. no when you power down the console it and kinect goes into a sleep state. Kinect will only activate when you say xbox on.

  4. Although no is the obvious answer and most likely to be said by any pessimist, you can never be too certain nowadays. I highly doubt it, but there is an element of suspicion as you do not know that as fact; someone could be watching you right now through a camera and you wouldn’t know but that’s not saying yes to the question. Its best left unanswered.

  5. I honestly doubt it if they did it would only be on USA and if u feel like they will or do on any xbox, just turn the kinect to face somewhere where you aren’t or put a towel over it

  6. Who knows?
    Let me elaborate by asking you questions.

    Is there someone watching you 24/7 on your smartphone? Who ever said your wireless company (Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.) cannot tap into your camera/microphone when you’re not using it? What about whoever made it (Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc)? I have a webcam on my laptop, is someone who works for Dell watching ME at the moment? We don’t know what these devices are capable of, but we take these risks daily, don’t we? I don’t know about you, but I have my iPhone in my pocket/next to me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! That made you think, didn’t it?

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