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Is my Playstation 3 overheating?


I was playing gta iv on my ps3 and the audio automaticly went.

And then suddenly the picture went.

I felt the fan and it was quite hot.

Is this common, or not.

Need to know


NOTE: my ps3 is a phat and it is 80GB

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  1. The ps3’s usually are pretty warm to the touch, but the fans are there to keep it cool, were the fans running really loudly? If so for how long? Was it fan test loud?

    Usually Audio cut out is the first sign of blu ray failure. At least that is how is started with me. I checked on a couple forums after it happened to me & it seemed to be a pretty good warning sign. For me i was playing MLB 2010 the show, audio cut out.then 5 minutes later the video cut out. I shut my ps3 down, when i restarted it the ps3 would no longer read any discs. Dont know if that is text book or not but that is what happenend to me.

  2. Unplug everything and put on a open space and wait till tommorow

    Just play every 2 hours and turn it off

  3. my ps3 is F*CKING HOT but it not overheating its just plastic so thats getting hot quik just so long you have it 9 inches from tha wall its oke

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