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Is Brink (Ps3) a good game?


It seems cool, I plan to buy it, but idon’t know if many people plays it or not. It’ll waste my money if i play it offline only.

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  1. Well in my opinon they falsely advertised man. They made it look very appealing in videos when it actually is not the intense fun action you see in the videos. The servers lagged really bad when I had the game. I got platinum trophy and traded it in soon after. If your looking for a shooter just wait it out until this coming fall.

    Heres a few of my favorties shooters: MW2, Battlefeild, Bad Company 2, Section 8: prejudice-14.99$ in the psn store actually a very fun game and awesome quality for the price.

  2. brink is crap , offline play is good in killzone 3 or black ops because they have bots you can fight against like in brink but better , i think killzone 3 is best overall

    i would say get killzone 3 instead

  3. I would say save your money. I was all excited about this game and pre-ordered 2 copies for me and my son. He opened his first and was utterly disappointed. I then tried it and felt the same. I returned the 2nd copy the same day I got it. You teammate AI is mentally challenged while the enemy AI are pinpoint accurate. Enemies and teammates from a distance are a blur making customization a waste of time. Offline is the same as online. Just a bad game.

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