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I’m sending in my Xbox 360 for a disk drive problem?


I live in Pennsylvania and i don’t know where the repair place is and it’s a simple disk drive problem. I’m thinking it’s easily fixable. It freezes for like a couple seconds so yeah. How long will it take me to send the Xbox there and back? I want to know because i hope it’s not long because i’ll miss playing most of my games with my friends over live.

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  1. it takes usually 6-8 weeks before you can get your xbox back but they will only fix it if your warranty isnt void. Your warranty usually expires in 3 years or if you have ever taken apart your xbox (taking your hard drive out is not included) if that has happened to you then theres no point in sending it in and you have to buy a new one. But if the warranty isnt void and they cant fix it, they will send you a new xbox free of charge. I have had this happen to a friend of mine so I know what its like.

  2. When my disc drive starts misbehaving I just send it to a local guy who fixes them, its costs but not a lot. Ask around for anyone near you who does repairs, it can be done in an hour

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