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I want to put music on my XBox 360 HDD- would this plan work?


I have a 4GB flashdrive with all my music on it, but I cant copy them onto my xbox360, only stream them. What if I were to buy a blank disk and burn the music onto the CD? Would that work? If I put the burnt music CD into the xbox 360, would I be able to transfer the music from the disk onto the xbox 360’s HDD?

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  1. But you have to burn them as an Audio CD not as an MP3 CD.

    Xbox well only rip Music from an Audio Disc, not from an MP3 disc.

    Which means you can only have 70 mins of music on a disc. But do it on a CD-RW should still work.

  2. Hi Yes that will work but i found cheap discs dont seem to work when i use TDK they install the music without any problums when i use £shop disc or tesco brand it wont install also i found windows media player best to burn the disc as when i used nero it wouldnt burn to xbox only play.

    Hope this Helps

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