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i tried to play my xbox original, but it said not supported by xbox 360 Console.?



  1. Certain Xbox’es support certain Xbox original games. The Arcade; has a small variety of supported games. The Pro; has a bigger variety, and the Elite has the widest range of of supported Xbox originals. Here is a link to a page with all games supported by Xbox 360 [url is not allowed]

  2. 2 things.

    1, are you connect to XBOX Live? If not, connect first so that if the original is supported, you’ll be prompted to download the emulator.

    2, is the original supported at all? Check xboxlive.com for a complete list of currently supported original games.

    Beyond this, not much you can do unless the same game is available as a download from the Originals library on XBOX Live.

    Hope this helped!


    The Reverend

  3. Check for the name of the game you were trying to play on this list: [url is not allowed]. If the game isn’t on that list, then you can’t play it on the Xbox 360. If it is on the list, then it is likely that you will be able to play it with an update or a download.

    Edit: All Xbox 360 systems have the same list of compatibilty. The only thing that is needed to make the Arcade compatible with the full list is a hard drive.

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