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I need help with my xbox 360. The drive makes a buzzing noise when i try to open it, and it doesn’t open.?


I had to replace the drive and all of that went well, but now the drive just simply won’t open. the rubber band isn’t the problem, i already tried that. Don’t give me any stupid irrelevant answers or tell me not to open the xbox because 1) i just broke a ccfl 2) It’s an old machine anyway and fixing it was cheaper than sending it in and 3) i hate stupid people.

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  1. remove the faceplate, try ejecting the disc, if that doesnt work, then i have no idea.

    I know you can get the disc out with a manual eject, but thats troublesome.

    [url is not allowed].

  2. this used to happen to me all the time lol i would have to tap the tray in different places with my finger it get it to pop open there isnt anything you can really do besides open up your xbox and replace your old drive with a new one ( thats what i did )

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